How my friends and family describe me.


THE MAN'S WOMAN: That is if you are a man not adverse to a witty, beautiful, positive, precise, long legged, fiery red head who loves to laugh!  She is brilliant and multi-faceted like a precious jewel inside and out, tender yet strong, generous but not to a fault. She loves life and breathes it into those around her. She would win the Apprentice, put all the "Bachelorettes" to shame and she would never go on Fear Factor!
- Married Female Friend, Corporate Vice President



Slender, long-legged almost porcelain woman, but in the strolling through Bergdorf Goodman way,  not strolling on the catwalk type.  Classically stylish, funny and witty, can be acerbic if you get on her wrong side.  Good sense of humor with a girlish laugh.  Pointedly smart, and doesn't suffer fools lightly.  Soft features hidden behind sharp glasses (and soft person hidden behind sharp edges.)
- Married Male Friend, Business School Professor



If I had to select three words to describe my friend (for the record, the three-word limitation was forced upon me.  I would have thought a three chapter limit more appropriate,) they might be driven, charming and caring.  Driven because I have seen her make career decisions that would seem unattainable, yet in a short time she achieved them.  Not effortlessly, but through a combination of determination and an entertaining personality.  While she places a high value on her career(s) and leisure, her number one priority is her family (of which I am fortunate to count myself part of albeit informally.)  Nobody takes more care to ensure her loved ones are well-treated whenever in her care.
- Married Male Friend, Accounting Firm Partner



She deserves someone as bright and unique as her. Well read – she rarely gets stumped on any subject (well…..perhaps the World Series but certainly not World Politics!) A soft heart underneath a solid exterior, my friend is loyal and loved by many. Attractive and always wearing the finest – her appearance is stunning. She is happy and would bring a lot of happiness to your life too.
- Single Female Friend, Marketing Consultant



I have a great friend I would love you to meet. I’ve known her for years, and you should be so lucky. She has a wonderful, adventuresome spirit. I guess you could say she’s been around, the globe that is. She loves to travel and has made it into a hobby. She’s courageous and smart and loves to take on new challenges. She’s witty, confident with a wonderful sense of humor! Since I’ve known her, she hasn’t grown older, she’s just grown up and spending time with her is always an adventure.
- Married Female Friend, Restaurant Owner



My friend is spontaneous and exuberant and, as you get to know her, you find that she is genuinely the same person whom you first met. She’s a savvy and successful business woman, a loyal and sincere colleague and friend. She enjoys her femininity, and she sure knows how to use it!
- Married Male Friend, Agent



My daughter is attractive, slim and tall. As her mother I  can say she is beautiful inside and out. She is highly educated, intelligent , successful and accomplished in her career. She is independent  and very creative with wonderful ideas. Whenever she enters a room she becomes the centre of attention by telling stories or jokes .She has a zest for life, loves traveling, collecting art, music, theatre and movies. What more can I say about her? She is articulate and I am lucky to have such a loving and caring daughter.
- Mother, Retired


    My sister is one of the most amazing women I know (please don’t tell her I said that or it will go to her head.)   When she sets her mind on doing something, she does it like no one else I know.   She is extremely accomplished, witty and above all, caring.   Her ambition to live life fully is about recognizing that life is full of amazing experiences and learning.  She is also blessed with great looks, a sexy body and a heart warming smile. You have to be very lucky to win the heart of such an incredible woman. 
- Sister, Corporate Executive
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