Looks: attractive (never been thrown out of bed,) 5’7”, fit (size 4,) reddish brown hair, real breasts (albeit small,) long legs, all my own teeth.
  Personal: never married (but have been engaged,) no kids, pets or plastic surgery.

Characteristics: highly energetic, intellectual, curious, playful, direct, opinionated, loyal, honest, passionate, witty, never a dull moment.

  Lifestyle: I live in a house (alone with 4 bathrooms.) I work out regularly and take pilates and yoga classes. I eat most meals out (cooking is not my forte) and am over the club scene.
  My to-do list: tennis, ballroom dancing, photography, Spanish, organize Asia pictures, South Africa.
  Vices: I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs (yes, I’ve tried all 3 and moved on.) Trust me, my personality is “big” enough that I have a natural high.
  Lifelong struggle: patience.
  Pet peeves: blinking digital clocks, standing in line (see above,) drivers who get confused at 4-way stops, taxi drivers who take the long way, fake plants.
  Can't live without: my books and music collection, chocolate (milk, dark, white – I don’t discriminate,) fresh flowers.
  Phobias: bugs, snakes, guns and men who lie.
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