How does this work?

It's painless. You go through my list of musts and wants and check off the qualities that apply to you. When you're done, you'll see an email “form.” That's your opportunity to “talk” to me and tell your story. If I'm intrigued, I'll write back and start a dialogue. We'll figure it out from there.

Why do this?

10 years ago I "dis-engaged" from my fiancé prior to our wedding. Long story. Suffice to say that I'm no runaway bride. I moved away in an attempt to start over. Being "fresh meat" I was set up on blind dates by everyone I met. After several dating disasters, I went on dating strike. I focused on my career and fulfilled my professional dreams. Last year, I quit my high profile position to take a break and reflect on my life. I realized that it's time to focus on my personal life. But I don't want to go on any more blind dates, can't see myself dating online or using a matchmaker. I'm not passing judgement here, these approaches just aren't for me.

So I sat down and wrote a list. I imagined my perfect man. My ideal. And having a background in marketing, I decided to put the word out in the hopes of finding him. I put together this web site to tell my story. Unconventional? You bet. But so am I.

Why the mystery?

Because I want to have a chance to make a first impression. In this Internet age, we Google people before we ever meet them. We form impressions through their online profiles. This approach seemed more “old-fashioned” and frankly, I think it'll be more fun. For both of us.

Do you have something to hide?

Absolutely not. That's why I asked my friends and family to weigh in and describe me. I didn't edit their testimonials. I didn't want to deal with geography either. I live in a big American city but my Perfect Man can live anywhere. Bottom line: I want to be able to go through this process in private. This isn't a reality show. It's my real life.

What are absolute deal breakers?

Men who are already involved, men who are incarcerated, commitment phobic, bi-sexual, control addicts, sugar daddy types, ex-cons, smokers, alcoholics, cross dressers, speed daters and men just looking to hook up.

Can I get a copy of the Perfect Man Checklist?

Sure, you can. Download the PDF here.

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